Why can't I book an appointment to see a GP?

Our booking system has changed. We now run total clinical triage with all of our medical requests.

All GP appointment requests need to be submitted via a form on our website.  We encourage anyone to do this themselves as this is the quickest method. If however a patient is unable to fill the form out themselves reception are able to help by doing it on their behalf.

Running a full clinical triage system means that every patient request is prioritised by the triaging GP or experienced Clinician. With their clinical knowledge they are able to assess the request and take appropriate action. They are able to determine if the patient needs to be seen that day or if it can safely wait. They will also decide if the request needs to result in a patient being seen face to face or if it can be dealt with over the telephone.  

The GP may not always be the most appropriate Healthcare Professional to deal with your concern. Therefore you may be offered an appointment with another Healthcare Professional who will be able to deliver the advice and treatment you need.

It is the patient’s choice if you ONLY wish to see a GP. However, the wait may be slightly longer for an appointment. 

Please be aware this system is only for GP appointment requests. All other Nurse & Healthcare Assistant appointments are booked via reception in the usual way.

Please follow link for a guide to our Healthcare Professional Team.


Healthcare Team

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Published on 26 February 2024